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New Extracts and Vitamins will be launched in 2019

Time: 2019-1-7 20:23:23 From:

  • CHI-New Extracts and Vitamins will be  launched in 2019 

    CHI will launch following new extracts and vitamins in 2019:

    1.Yeast Beta-Glucan Powder  Spec:70%,80% 

    2.Diosmin:Hesperidin 9:1

    3.Coenzyme Q10  99% and Water Coenzyme Q10 10%-20%

    4.Phytosterol,β-Sitosterol   Spec:60%-95%

    5.Vitamins(Powder forms)-Only for distribution

    Vitamin A,Vitamin B,Vitamin D,Vitamin E

    All above products meet the standard of Eur.P.8.0 and USP41.