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Rhodiola Rosea Extract Out of Stock

Time: 2018-2-1 10:27:03 From:

  • Rhodiola rosea extract is out of stock

    As the raw material  rhodiola rosea root reduced sharply , caused a serious shortage of raw materials, now on the market, the rosavins supply has been affected, The product is out of stock now,and the price is also crazy high!Suggestion our client adjust your purchase plan and production plan.

    In 2018,this product is in shorage all the time!

    For salidroside,the supply is still sable,and the price also is sable.We have  salidroside 3% in stock.

    If any clients require this product,pls make plan in advance and prepare some stock for coming hot sales season.

    Issued by Changsha Herbal Ingredient Co.,Ltd