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Magnolia Bark Extract

Latin Name:Magnolia officinalis
Active Ingredient:Magnolol & Honokiol
CAS No:528-43-8 | 35354-74-6
Specification:Magnolol 5%~98%,Honokiol 5%~98%
Lead Time:Within 7days after confirming order

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Magnolia Bark Extract Information:
Magnolia bark extract is one of the numerous herbal products used in the traditional Chinese medicine.
It is extracted by SFE CO2 tech,it is a yellow to white powder.
We all know that traditional Chinese medicine boasts of a very long history. Plant elements and extracts are among the most commonly used products in this ancient medical system. Magnolia bark extract is one such plant product that has been used for medicinal purposes in China, for thousands of years. Now this herbal product is being used worldwide, for its therapeutic properties.
As the name rightly suggests, magnolia bark extract is made from the bark of magnolia trees. The thick, brown bark of the tree is collected from the stems, branches and roots of these trees. Magnolia officinalis and Magnolia obovata are mainly found to be used for making the extract in China and Japan, respectively. This bark extract contains compounds like magnolol and honokiol that are said to have various therapeutic properties. It is believed that most of the medicinal properties of magnolia bark extract are due to the presence of these compounds. This extract is now available in the form of tincture, liquid extract, capsules, etc.

Magnolia bark i used as a general anti-stress andanti-anxiety agent. Newer claims are emerging, to link magnolia's anti-stressbenefits with control of the body's primary stress hormone, cortisol, and themyriad health benefits associated with normal cortisol levels Inhibit bacteria growth and viral infection.

1.Promote circulation of Qi,dry dampness
2.Remove stagnation and relieve fullness
3.Descend Qi, remove phlegm and relieve asthma
4.Inhibit bacteria
5.Inhibit secretion of acidity
6.Relax striated muscles
7.Reduce blood pressure

Magnolia bark extract can be used in supplements, pharmaceuticals, personal care & beauty products globally.

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