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Gotu Kola Extract/Asiaticoside

Latin Name:Centella asiatica
Active Ingredient:Triterpenes
CAS No:16830-15-2
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Gotu Kola Extract Information:
Gotu kola is a perennial plant native to India, Japan, China, Indonesia, South Africa, Sri Lanka, and the South Pacific. A member of the parsley family, it is tasteless and odorless. It thrives in and around water. It has small fan-shaped green leaves with white or light purple-to-pink flowers, and it bears small oval fruit. The leaves and stems of the gotu kola plant are used for medicinal purposes.
Gotu kola extract is a brown to white powder.
Part used: Whole aerial parts  

Active Ingredients:Asiaticoside 
CAS No:16830-15-2
EINECS No.:240-851-7                
Molecular formula:C48H78O19

Active Ingredients:Madecassoside 
CAS No:34540-22-2
EINECS No.:252-076-1               
Molecular formula:C48H78O20
Packaging:25KG per drum
Storage:Store in cool, dry place.

Found growing in hot, swampy regions around the world, from India to the southern United States, the herb gotu kola (Centella asiatica) has a storied past.Centuries ago, practitioners of the ancient Hindu system of healing known as Ayurveda began using this creeping perennial therapeutically. It was the leaves--fan-shaped when grown in water but small and thin when grown on land--that were most useful for medicinal purposes, including the control of skin problems. By the l880s, gotu kola's reputation for treating skin and other disorders had spread throughout Asia to Europe.
Due to the similarity in their names, gotu kola is sometimes confused with kola nut, a caffeine-containing stimulant used to produce cola beverages. In fact, the two are not related.


1.Anti-inflammatory and Anti-irritant.

2.Dermis reconstruction:Enhance the collagen synthesis.

3.Epidermal reconstruction:Improvement of the keratinization functionality.

4.Anti-aging:Regulation of the inflammation drifts due to age and reinforcement of the skin's bio-mechanical properties

For Alzheimer's disease: Take 200 mg of freeze-dried herb or 400-500 mg of crude herb or 1/2 teaspoon of liquid extract three times a day.
For topical use to treat burns or prevent scarring: Soak a compress in a 50/50 water/liquid extract solution, and apply three times a day. If available, gotu kola ointment can be used in place of calendula cream.
For memory loss/impairment: Take 200 mg liquid extract or 400-500 mg crude herb three times a day.


Gotu Kola extract can be used for supplements, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics products globally.

Commercial gotu kola preparations are available in Europe and are sold under such names as Madecassol and Centelase.
Neither topical nor oral gotu kola preparations are commonly associated with adverse reactions. In rare cases, headache, skin rash, and sensitivity to sunlight may develop. High doses may result in nausea. Lower your dose or stop taking the herb altogether if any of these reactions occur.

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