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Tea Extract Series

Instant Green Tea Powder

Latin Name:Camellia sinensis (L.)
Active Ingredient:Polyphenols/TP
CAS No:/
Specification:Instant powder/CWS
Lead Time:Within 7days after confirming order

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Instant Green Tea Power  
Latin Name:Camellia sinensis (L.)
Active Ingredient:Polyphenols
CAS No:/
Specification:Instant powder
Lead Time:Within 7days after confirming order

Instant Black Tea Powder Information:

The product is manufactured with a unique scientific formulation. It has used the organic green tea from such high mountains as Mount Huang and Dabie Mountain as the raw material.
It is yellow powder. Soluble instantly in water, user-friendly, it's clear with no precipitation. The nutritional elements as well as the good fragrance and color are fully maintained        
Specification: Instant green tea powder,brown to light brown powderPackaging: 20kg or 25kg per drum or bag.
Storage:Store in cool, dry place.
Shelf time: 2years.


It's applicable for Snacks,Pastries,Candies,Frozen food,Beverage and Puffing food, and nutritional additives and chemical industry as well.

Suggestion dosage and packing:
2-5g/bag,soluble into 200ml-300ml hot water,No More Than 3bags/day.

You can add some fruit juice powder,milk,sweeteners etc to make the taste as you like.

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