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Motherwort Extract

Latin Name:Herba leonuri
Active Ingredient:Stachydrine hydrochloride /Iridoids
CAS No:/
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Motherwort Extract Information:

Chinese motherwort, known as yi-mu-cao, and the common European motherwort serve as excellent examples of plants used for parallel purposes by divergent cultures, whose uses are confirmed by modern research. Motherwort herb regulates the menses, promotes blood circulation, stimulates the development of new tissue, is diuretic, and reduces swelling. The seeds promote blood circulation, regulate the menses, and clear away liver heat from the eyes. In TCM motherwort was used to promote longevity and strengthen the heart, Science endorses motherwort's folk applications against heart-related conditions. This fascinating but still little-appreciated member of the mint family deserves greater attention in the West.

Main Functions of Motherwort Extract:

1.Motherwort has obviously excitement effect on the uterus, which uterine muscle contraction can significantly increase.
2.With the function of increasing coronary flow and myocardial nutritional blood flow.
3.Motherwort can treat acute renal failure, there are significant diuretic effect.
4.With the function of enhancing immune system and antibacterial.

Main Application of Motherwort Extract:

1.Applied in food field, boiled eggs with motherwort is a good way to treat dysmenorrheal.
2.Applied in health product field, motherwort honey is a good female health food, which helps to regulate menstruation nourishing.
3.Applied in pharmaceutical field, motherwort tablets, granules, injection, capsule medicine for the treatment of gynecological diseases.
4.Applied in cosmetic field, according to legend, Empress Wu on account of eating beauty products which is made of motherwort, so she looks not old.


The ancient Romans and Greeks believed that Motherwort treated all matters of the heart from lovesickness to cardiac arrest (hence the botanical name roughly translated to Lion's Heart).
There is little evidence that Motherwort or Heartwort as it is often called, has any beneficial effect on heart disease although there may be recent Chinese studies that show an indication that this herb may have some ability to relax cells and therefore the heart cells too.
The plant grows wild all over Europe and Asia and all of the plant is harvested and used.
It is used for: Sedative, insomania, anxiety, diaphoretic, irritability.

Leourine: Encourages uterine contractions. Assists in childbirth. Pregnant women should not take this substance as it could induce labor. It is not an aid to fertility, in fact the tendency to contract the uterus may have a slight contraceptive effect.
Iridoids. Iridoids are the most bitter compound found in plants. These bitter compounds stimulate release of bile flow in the gut as well as stimulating digestive secretion. Iridoids are anti-inflammatory (not as strong as in other constituents, iridoids have some anti-inflammatory effects but should not be used purely for this purpose), hypotensive and febrifuge. Some iridoids are laxative and antimicrobial.
Diterpenes: A bitter tasting terpenoid used widely as a stomachic. Diterpenes are believed to help with hypertension and respiratory tract complaints such as catarrh bronchitis and colds. Some diterpenes are believed to have tumour inhibitor properties as well as a stimulating effect on the immune system.
Flavonoids: Flavonoids occur (as white and yellow plant pigments found almost as commonly as chlorophyll) as Glycosides or in a free state. In plants it is essential for protecting plant tissue from UV radiation and acts as antioxidants. As pigments it is also responsible for Autumn colors in leaves and yellow/red pigmentation in flowers.

Laboratory experiments have been conducted on the beneficiary effect of Flavonoids on the heart and circulatory system. Flavonoids are also used to mitigate stress, especially environmental stress. Flavonoids are often used for their antioxidant effect against free radicals. There are also strong indications that they have antiviral, anti-inflammatory and anti-hypertensive properties but dosage has not been determined which will obviously have a profound effect on their efficacy as a component of this herb.

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