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Standard Extract Series

Notoginseng Extract/Notoginsenosides

Latin Name:Panax notoginseng
Active Ingredient:Notoginsenosides
CAS No:80418-24-2
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Notoginseng Leaf Extract Information:

Product Specification : 10:1;4:1; 10%-95%Notoginsenoside
Latin Name: Radix et rhizome notoginseng
Product Type: Fine Yellow Powder
Part of the Plant Used: Root
Extract Method: Water/Alcohol

Total notoginsenosides 10%-90%,
Notoginsenoside R1>5%,
Ginsenoside Rb1>30%,
Ginsenoside Rg1> 20%

Function and Application:

Blood and Blood-making System:

Notoginseng leaf extract has fairly high effect of hemostasia. Panax notoginseng extract can evidently shorten the time for bleeding and cruor and promote cleavage, growth and multiplication of various blood cells, thus notoginseng leaf extract having distinct efficacy of enriching blood, promoting blood circulation, removing blood stasis and promoting blood generation.

Cardiovascular System:

Experiment has demonstrated that notoginseng extract can not only evidently enlarge blood vessel, reduce coronary resistance, increase coronary flux, enhance coronary microcirculation and increase blood flux in nutritious cardiac muscle, but also reduce artery pressure, slightly decrease cardioverter and relieve heart workload, thus notoginseng leaf extract can evidently reduce oxygen consumption by cardiac muscle and curing cardiac-muscle ischemia, angina and shock.

Nervous System:

Notoginseng leaf extract from the above ground of panax notoginseng can inhibit central nerves, having the efficacy of calming down, soothing mood and promoting slumber, etc. The underground of it can excite central nerves and improve brain power and physicals strength, having the efficacy of resisting fatigue. In a word, notoginsenosides from all parts of notoginseng leaf extract can enhance memory with evident effect of abirritation.


Notoginseng leaf extract can evidently inhibit the enhancement of blood vessel permeability caused by various reasons, having fairly high effect of anti-inflammation.

Immune System:

Notoginseng leaf extract can evidently raise phagocytosis rate and phagocytosis index of phagocytic cells, improve the total number of leucocytes in ambient blood and reduce mobile index of leucocytes. Notoginsenosides has certain degree of immune and regulative effect.


Notoginseng leaf contains Panax notoginsenosides, β-elemene, microelement selenium and other active substances which can resist cancer. Panax notoginsenoside Rh1 can distinctly inhibit cultivated liver cancer cells; Panax notoginsenoside Rh2 can resist the activity of tumour with fairly high effect and induce cancer cells to revert into normal cells.

Anti-oxidation and Anti-aging Effect:

Notoginseng leaf extract can evidently improve the activity of SOD and reduce the content of LPO in brain tissues and blood, thus having anti-aging effect.


Effect of notoginsenosides on blood glucose relies on the blood-glucose level in human body. Notoginseng extract can raise or lower blood glucose, having the effect of balancing and regulating blood glucose. Also,

notoginsenosides can affect the metabolism of blood fat, reduce blood-fat level and evidently lower the content of triglyceride. Panax notoginseng leaf extract can promote the composition of protein in liver, kidney, spermary and blood serum as well as composition of DNA in various organ tissues.

Other Effects:

Notoginseng leaf extract can cure suffers of stubborn blood-stasis chronic hepatitis with evident curative effect. All aminopherases in them return to normal after the treatment.

Notoginsenosides can enhance anti-radiation ability of human body and relieve the damage done by radiation to blood-making system.

Notoginseng leaf extract can excite uterine smooth muscle and excised round ligament and cure hysteroptosis and oviduct obstruction, etc.

Notoginsenosides has fairly distinct curative effect on sequela of cerebrovascular ischemia, especially acute cerebrovascular ischemia. It can evidently relieve giddiness, headache, ataxia and language barrier, etc.

Notoginseng leaf extract has fairly distinct effect of fatigue resistance. Nourishing and strengthening efficacy of Panax notoginseng has been widely applied among common people.

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