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Standard Extract Series

Uva Ursi Extract/Ursolic Acid

Latin Name:Arctostaphylos uva ursi
Active Ingredient:Ursolic Acid/Arbutin
CAS No:497-76-7/77-52-1
Specification:25%-98%Ursolic Acid
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98% Ursolic Acid,arbutin Uva Ursi Extract 

Product name:Arbutus extract/ bearberry extract/ Bearberry leaf extract
Other name: Uva ursi extract

Ursolic Acid,arbutin Uva Ursi Extract
Active Ingredient:Ursolic Acid,arbutin
SPEC:98% Ursolic Acid,arbutin

Aryet somehowin/Alpha arbutin/arbutin
Active Ingredient:Aryet somehowin/Alpha arbutin/arbutin
CAS NO.497-76-7


1. Eliminate free radical, antioxidation;
2. It has pharmacological action of anti-thrombus, anti-tumor, cardiac-cerebral vessels protection, dephlogisticate and antibiosis;
3. Relief alcoholic poisoning, liver protection etc;
4. Heat-clearing and detoxicating, eliminating rheumatism, bones and muscles enhancer;
5. Myricetin have the action of astringent, stimulant and emetic.

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